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Home arrow Workpackages arrow Pilot6: European Commission Authentication Service – ECAS
The objective of this pilot is to integrate STORK with the European Commission Authentication Service (ECAS). This shall enable access to a number of European Commission’s applications. The work needs to be carried out in close cooperation between the STORK Member States supporting the pilot, Directorate-General Informatics (DIGIT), and the Commission’s application owners.

The concrete objectives are:
  • Integration of STORK WP5 results (PEPS and VIDP) into the DIGIT ECAS environment
  • Cross-border test of the integration with the demonstration application (existing)
  • “Phase 1” production pilot with a first pilot application to gain experience (e.g. CIRCABC)
  • To test and evaluate the limited production pilot
  • Agreeing extension to further pilot applications “phase 2” with DIGT and application owners
Roles and responsibilities:
The nature of the pilot is so that dependencies exist between the STORK consortium (Member States supporting the ECAS-STORK pilot), DIGIT (integrating STORK common specifications to their system) and Commission application owners. While a formal contractual basis defining all these dependencies cannot be established, the description of work assumes good faith of the parties involved to make the ECAS-STORK pilot a success.

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