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ForumPA (www.forumpa.it) is a yearly exhibition supported by the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers fostering direct comparison among central and local administration, industry and citizens over public services quality and effectiveness.

During ForumPA 2011, which took place at Fiera di Roma exhibition centre on May 9th - 12th, the results of STORK have been presented to the public of the exhibition at a STORK booth, workshop and conference. This co-ordinated action has been organized and funded by STORK partners DigitPA and Politecnico di Torino.

At the conference "Interoperability in Europe and in Italy", which took place on May 11th, Prof. Antonio Lioy of Politecnico di Torino gave a full and much appreciated presentation of STORK' results and perspectives. The conference was also an opportunity to demonstrate how a successful CIP-funded project may contribute to implement interoperability at European and National level.

During all four days, STORK workshops where held at the STORK booth by Dr. Diana Berbecaru of Politecnico di Torino, who was responsible to demonstrate to a number of guests from public administration and industry how different European eID's can be transparently used to access different online services thanks to the STORK infrastructure.
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