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As a Large Scale Pilot (LSP), STORK collaborates and builds together with the other LSPs such as SPOCS. SPOCS will take up the results achieved by the EU Large Scale Pilot projects, STORK (electronic identity) and PEPPOL (electronic procurement), in relation to cross-border use of electronic identity and signatures validation.

From July 1st SPOCS will offer entrepreneurs the possibility to try out this new technology that is currently piloted. Entrepreneurs, self-employed service providers, business etc. can be the first to do it online from abroad!

July 2011 will see the launch of the first services using SPOCS supporting three professions: travel agents, real estate agents and master builders in establishing a presence and doing business in other EU countries.

Businesses are invited to test- drive the new services, which will initially span across 5 Member States. Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy and Poland will all demonstrate these national and cross-border services in the SPOCS pilot.

How can you participate in the pilot?

It’s simple!
  1. Go to the Point of Single Contact’s portal: Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland
  2. Use the search functionality to find the start up procedures
  3. Follow the process step by step
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