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STORK announces the publication of the following paper at the recent TRUSTBUS-2011 conference:
Berbecaru, Lioy, Aime,"Exploiting Proxy-Based Federated Identity Management in Wireless Roaming Access", TrustBus-2011, Toulouse (France),Aug.29 - Sep.2, 2011, pp. 13-23,vol. 6863 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS),

Abstract: Federated Identity Management technologies are exploited for user authentication in a number of network services but their usage may conflict with security restrictions imposed in a specific domain. We considered a specific case (roaming wireless access for guests) and extended the Stork SAML-based identity federation to cope with this problem by adding dynamic data, called meta-attributes, to be used for authorization even before the user authentication is completed. This concept may be easily extended to other data needed for trust verification and complex authorization decisions in a federated environment.
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