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The 5th STORK Industry Group Meeting was held on Wednesday 16th November 2011 from 14.00 pm to 17.00 pm in Poznan International Fair, Pavillion 15, Room 403 (Glogowska street 14, 60-734 Poznan, Poland). The meeting was addressed to all industry stakeholders interested in STORK developments, pilot progress and further implementation, results so far emphasizing though to STORK solution and its sustainability beyond the project end. In a nutshell, the objectives of the meeting were:
  • to highlight what is the STORK sustainable solution finally
  • to present STORK results so far and disseminate what’s in it for Industry
  • to highlight that an interoperable framework for sustainable deployment and maintenance extended to other MS has been built
  • to demonstrate the implementation of several pilots that facilitate various cross-border eID services with high impact on everyday life
  • to increase more STORK brand recognition and trust in project results
  • to further attract industry stakeholders’ attention and eagerly motivate them to take up the STORK sustainable solution.

All presentations of the meeting can be found at the Industry workspace: https://www.eid-stork.eu/index.php?option=com_processes&act=list_documents&id=314&s=1&Itemid=60

The meeting’s minutes will be uploaded very soon!
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