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On October 31st 2011, Frank Leyman, Manager of International Relations in Fedict and STORK partner, presented STORK project at the workshop focused on "The Future of European Electronic Identity Management".

The discussions in this expert workshop were aiming at:
  1. Formulating the basic principles to guide electronic identification and authentication in Europe.
  2. Developing a vision on the future of European electronic ID management towards 2020.
  3. Providing recommendations for policy actions for the coming 3 years.
The Digital Enlightenment Forum aims to bring together 30-40 technical experts and policymakers who are playing active roles in this field in the EU. They come from the most relevant EU and national projects for: research and technological development, government trials, demonstration and implementation of technology, standardisation and policy development.

The result of the Workshop will be reflected in a position paper giving a joint vision and recommendations which will be presented to policy makers at European and national levels.

The agenda and the presentations of the workshop can be found here

The STORK presentation can be found here
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