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The electronic signature platform of the Spanish Central Government @firma* now includes among the list of eSignature and eIdentity certificates that it validates those issued by the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Estonia and Portugal.

As a result, the over 800 eGovernment applications of the Central Government, Autonomous Communities and Local Government (cities, municipalities) which are connected to @firma now support the eID documents issued in their home countries to the nationals of these countries who reside or work in Spain. Consequently, the latter can use with their eIDs all Spanish eGovernment services requiring eAuthentication.

This is in accordance with the eSignature Directive (Directive of the European Parliament and the Council on a Community framework for electronic signatures - 1999/93/EC) as well as the Spanish Law on Citizens' Electronic Access to Public Services (11/2007) and the implementing Royal Decree.

Moreover, as part of the STORK project, eAuthentication services are offered to the citizens of 15 European countries. Currently at a pilot stage, STORK provides European public administrations with a cross-border eAuthentication service for EU citizens, and it is able to manage the over 100 types of eIDs issued in the 15 countries.

Source: ePractice news and original article in Spanish

* @firma is a multi-PKI eSignature and validation platform for the use of Public Administrations which provides services for the fast and effective implementation of authentication and advanced eSignature.
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