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This working package builds on the work of the EID interoperability Expert group conclusions. The point of this work package is the interoperability of Trust applications in the various participating consortium members. Therefore the working package includes analysis and possible ways forward for technical and legal issues that will have to be clarified.

In general, levels of authentication and identification are being classified by the means which are used: Smart cards with PKI tend to mean high end solutions, software certificates are seen as middle end, and username/password solutions are often seen as low end solutions. But, a software certificate class 3 can be obtained trough the internet without any physical presentation of the owner, and a username/password combination can have very high registry authority standards (linked to government databases/ use of official postal address for sending credentials, high end fraud detection mechanisms). Therefore, it is proposed in this WP not just to concentrate on the means used for identification/authentication but rather on the quality of the authenticators (mechanism, organisation, means).

It seems a fruitful road to explore as there are many solutions in the many member state countries. The restriction on just one authenticator or means of authentication would possibly hinder the real pilot phase in which real applications will be used to test Eid interoperability. A broad understanding of the spectrum would mean that many more European Citizens and Businesses will be enabled to participate in real time pilots, thus rendering the pilot more effective and more worthwhile.

WP2 will try to objectively determine possible interconnectivity based on the quality of the identifier (both private and public), and the mutual or federated trust that can be derived from this quality.

Specific objectives are:

1. To have a common way to qualify the trustworthy service providers to be sure that they are compliant with the level of trust they claim.

2. Identify the Legal framework




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