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This WP will define sample process flows for key cross-border electronic identity services. The WP will cover face-to-face and remote authentication using eID products, digital signatures and access control for identity data. The resulting process maps will show how existing national systems can be interconnected across borders, taking into account data protection issues, broader legal and commercial issues, and verification standards in each Member State. It will use the trust categories defined in WP2.

The main output from this WP will be a set of process maps that can be used to structure the pilot applications in WP 7. The second output will be a report describing legal / commercial / trust considerations for process flows and proposing options for an EU trust framework

The WP objectives are:

  • To deliver process maps for cross-border authentication (people and businesses);
  • To deliver process maps for cross-border use of digital signature;
  • To deliver process maps for cross-border user control of identity data.


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