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The objectives of this work package are the following:

  • To communicate and promote the methodology and findings of the project (“STORK” eID and associated reports and activities) among all potential users and institutions at all levels (local, regional, national and supranational) and to develop a response mechanism between the core consortium Member States and the various governments and stakeholders, providing assistance, collecting feedback and providing the core partners with processed results.
  • To demonstrate the results of the Work Package methodology, building a framework for sustainable deployment at a pan-European level.
  • To identify government employees. During Task 7.1 a preparatory communication will take place on an interoperability layer that will be implemented by the Commission Services into key services, namely IMI and CIRCA, as well as on key tasks such as the administration of travel reimbursements and national experts. Implementation will be carried out by the Commission Service.
  • To undertake widespread promotion and dissemination of current tasks undertaken by the Working Groups through promotion of the results and set-up of specific learning processes to collect feedback.
  • To do concrete work on each individual pilot while creating synergies between the various pilots.
  • To create a Sustainability Action Plan.
    To connect the eGov eID-LSP with the LSP eHealth considering the significance of person identification to both areas. The eHealth LSP will profit from the experience garnered on eID in the eGovernment sector, and the eGov LSP will get practical knowledge on a large public service area, the health sector, alongside traditional eGov applications and will broaden its experience in implementing eID tools in other sectors.



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