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Home arrow Workpackages arrow Pilot1: Cross border authentication platform - for electronic services
A demonstrator showing that cross-border electronic services can operate in a number of Member States. The applications include national portals from Austria (help.gv.at), Estonia (eesti.ee), Germany (mein-service-BW), Portugal (portaldocidadao.pt) and the UK, one regional portal from Catalonia in Spain and one specific service for compliance activities for working in Belgium (limosa.be)

The general objectives of Pilot 1 are:
  • To demonstrate that cross-border interoperable services can operate on the principles defined and tested in the course of the STORK project;
  • To demonstrate that the common specifications defined by the STORK project are sufficiently flexible and scalable for the EU interoperability layer to accommodate a broad range of national services;
  • To demonstrate that trust circles defined in the STORK project can operate in practice;
The objectives in detail are:
  • To test and implement the defined trust framework by operating services requiring different authentication levels;
  • To test with applications (Service Providers) and national eID systems the EU interoperability layer defined and implemented in the course of the STORK project;
  • To connect existing national portals and services participating in the Cross-border authentication platform for electronic services to the EU interoperability layer and the reference architecture models defined in the course of the STORK project;
  • To test that the connections function with a variety of log-in methods and tokens.
  • To assess the ease of use and take-up of cross-border e-ID services
  • To implement an EU portal providing an overall interface to all the services accessible within the Cross-border authentication platform for electronic services.
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