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Home arrow Workpackages arrow Pilot2: Safer Chat - To promote safe use of the Internet by children and young people
The Internet is a great way of staying in touch and meeting people, both for leisure and business. Chat rooms, blog, MSN and email make it easy to communicate with people from all over the world. However, the net can also be used for inappropriate communication; this includes for example approaching children with illegal and harmful intentions or online identity theft. It is thus essential to explore all possible means of making online communication as safe as possible for children; while the project results will be simultaneously beneficial to all users. The main objectives of the project are to build a platform for a safer online environment where people can communicate online using their eIDs; and also demonstrate its use in a comprehensive pilot project.

The objectives of Pilot 2 are:
  • Building a platform for safer online communication using eIDs;
  • Demonstrate, in a pilot, the use and benefits of eIDs in this relation;
  • Test the interoperability specifications and solutions provided in the course of the STORK project;
  • Consolidate results and draw conclusions.
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