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Date: Friday, April 17, 2009
Title: P2P Conference 2009: Meet people, talk everything"
Location: Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria


Date: 17 - 19 April 2009

The purpose of the P2P Conference 2009 is to gather experts, enthusiasts, business people, politicians, media an anyone else connected and related to the Internet. The conference is part of Electronic Frontier's programme for better understanding the impact of the Internet and the digital environment on people's lives.

The event is intended to be a new kind of conference focused on:

  • Person2Person: Web 2.0 and 3.0 businesses and investors. Meet people, talk business;

  • Person2Privacy: What are digital rights and how to protect them. Meet people, talk privacy;

  • Presence2Presence: What is a blog about. Meet people, talk freedom;

  • Programming2Programming: Web Technologies at a glance. Meet programmers, talk bytes;

  • Personal e-identity2Personal e-identity: What is your digital identity? Meet geeks, talk shibboleth;

  • Politics2Politics: What are the policies in the IT domain. Do we need something else? Meet politicians, talk smart;

  • Participation2Participation: Add your own P2P definition. Meet us, talk ideas.

Those wishing to attend are invited to register via the conference's social network where they furthermore have the opportunity to discuss most of the concepts prior to the conference. The registration fee is approx. €60 for the three days. Over 400 attendees are expected.

A call for papers is open until 1 February 2009. Papers are to be submitted based on the conference topics and trends to the email address indicated in the call for papers.

Event website: http://p2p.wtconferences.com

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