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Date: Wednesday, June 03, 2009
Title: Patient 2.0 Empowerment - EHR for Personalizing and Improving Care
Location: London, United Kingdom


In a recently published paper, the ICMCC defined Patient 2.0 Empowerment as: the active participation of the citizen in his or her health and care pathway with the interactive use of Information and Communication Technologies.

Dealing with medical and care compunetics, the field of social, societal and ethical implications of computing and networking, ICMCC decided to focus the 2009 event on Electronic Health Records (EHR) and secondarily, the connection between EHR and Digital Homecare.

The main themes of the conference are as follows:

  • EHR and Knowledge Mangement;

  • Social aspects of EHR;

  • Ethical aspects of EHR;

  • EHR and Digital Homecare;

  • Future of EHR (visionary).

The call for papers is open until 1 February 2009. Authors are encouraged to focus their contributions from a patient's perspective.

Event website: http://2009.icmcc.org/

Event email: [email protected]

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