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Date: Tuesday, February 03, 2009
Title: EEMA: Benelux Regional Interest Group: Using RFID in Identity & Access Management
Location: Brussels, Belgium


This meeting is a one-day event aimed at revealing the usage of Radio Frequency IDs (RFID) or related technologies in Identity & Access Management.

What is the impact on privacy for employees? Are there any legal implications? What is the role of the employer? Is there a business need? How to deal with this will be exposed in today’s workshop.

This one-day workshop will be invaluable for delegates who wish to maintain and increase their knowledgebase. It is aimed at all stakeholders who have an influence on (federated) I&AM management processes, policy, systems and the impact on commercial and business applications and services.

These meetings are free to eema members but are limited by space, register your interest with [email protected] and join us on 3rd February 2009; Non members may attend for a fee of 200 euro.

If you are available to host or speak at any of our regional interest group meetings, please contact Roger Dean ([email protected])

Event agenda: http://www.eema.org/downloads/benelux/brig_rfid_feb09/rfid_3feb_web.pdf

Register here:

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