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Date: Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Title: Mobile Payments and Commerce 2009
Location: Brussels, Belgium


17th-18th March, 2009

Mobile finance and retail services have developed immensely in the past twelve months: in the UK o2 and Visa have determined that consumer demand for NFC applications is high, but security and handset range still remain as sticking points. In Central Eastern Europe the demand for credit services has shown a keen interest in p-to-p banking services; global cross-border remittances continue to grow via the mobile money transfer scheme and a wallet agnostic approach.

In retail sectors, advanced payment innovations are helping to link up various digital methods of transaction and enhance consumer offerings.Room for growth, however, is high as the traditional retail sector remains hesitant to employ vast funds of investment in hardware and training before a solid business case is fixed. Can couponing, ticketing, and SMS offer a more financially lenient alternative to instant payments, or is NFC the killer app which retailers, banks and operators must take notice of if they don't wish to get left behind? With all these questions still remaining, and so much greater consumer feedback available from trials and commercial services throughout 2008/9, Informa Telecoms and Media is delighted to showcase this latest agenda.

Conference website: http://www.mpaymentsconference.com/newt/l/mpayments/mobilepayments

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