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Date: Thursday, April 02, 2009
Title: Oxford Internet Institute: Workshop on “A Policy and Legal Framework for Identity Management”
Location: University of Oxford, St. Hugh’s College, University of Oxford


The event is organized by the Oxford Internet Institute and sponsored by the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation.
The goal of the event is to bring together thought leaders from the identity management (IDM) industry, business, government, intergovernmental organizations, and civil society to consider what is desirable in a policy and legal framework for IDM – particularly if it is to foster a free and open society.

STORK will be presented at this event by Neil Clowes.

The draft agenda is as follows:


Meet and greet continental breakfast (9:30am-10:00am)

Opening (10:00am-10:25am)

I. Welcome and Introduction to the Workshop

The Need for a Policy and Legal Framework – Three-Minute Briefings (10:25am-10:45am)

II. Citizen and Consumer Perspectives
III. Private Sector Perspectives
IV. Public Sector Perspectives

Policy Developments – Three-Minute Briefings (10:45am-11:15am)

V. Sample Governmental Initiatives at the Domestic, Plurilateral, and Multilateral Level

Coffee and Tea (11:15am-11:30am)

Industry Developments – Three-Minute Briefings (11:30am-12:30pm)

VI. IDM Industry Developments and Unresolved Aspects

Lunch (12:45pm-2pm)

Pulling Elements Together – The Intersection of Law and Technology (2pm-3pm)
VII. The Rule of Law
VIII. Data Protection Principles and Areas of Exceptions
IX. Service Points in the Envisioned Identity Infrastructure

Coffee and Tea (3pm-3:20pm)

Use Case (3:20pm-5pm)

X. Education Sector Use Case: Policy and Legal Issues at Infrastructure Service Points

Dinner (drinks at 6:30pm, dinner at 7pm)


Continental breakfast (9am-9:30am)

Recap (9:30am-9:45am)

XI. Consolidating Issues

Discussion of Viewpoint 1 (9:45am-11:00am)

XII. Degree to which a Global Approach Is Necessary, Desirable, and Realistic

A. State sovereignty concerns might prevent a global approach.
B. A framework could dampen technological innovation.
C. A framework could be too heavy to address business needs.
D. A framework could become quickly outdated.
E. [Issues raised by use case.]
F. [Other issues.]

Coffee and Tea (11:00am-11:15am)

Discussion of Viewpoint 2 (11:15am-12:30pm)

XIII. Degree to which a Global Approach Could Respect Local Values

Lunch (12:45pm-2:00pm)

Implications (2:00pm-3:15pm)

XIV. Implications

Assume some segments of the global information society prefer a legal framework that complements the identity infrastructure and fosters a free and open society.

A. What is required?
B. How might this be accomplished?
C. What are the risks of action and inaction?

Conclusion (3:15pm)

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