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Date: Monday, April 06, 2009
Title: 1st Meeting of the STORK Member States Reference Group
Location: Ministry of the Interior, Prage, Czech Republic


The STORK project will hold its first Member States Reference Group meeting at the Ministry of the Interior, Prague, the Czech Republic, on 6 April 2009. This meeting will be an important opportunity for governmental experts in interoperable electronic identity in Europe to discuss the state-of-the-art and learn more about the STORK project.

STORK actively encourages stakeholder participation. Although several EU member states are already part of the project, other member states can get involved by joining the Member States Reference Group. STORK emphasizes keeping all member states up to date with the project as it develops, and this is exactly the purpose of the first Member States Reference Group meeting– delegates will be informed of what has been done so far, about progress on the pilot sub-projects, and will be able to provide their input to the STORK consortium.

Stakeholders may join and participate in the online collaborative space set up for the Member States Reference Group by simply registering in the "Member States- get involved" section of this website, which is located in the left hand side menu of the homepage, or by clicking here.

STORK believes that extensive consultation of all member states is paramount to ensuring that the common specifications developed in STORK are applicable across Europe. And so a warm welcome is extended to Reference Group members in Prague on the 6th April 2009.

For the agenda and the meeting location, click here.

For practical information please click here.

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