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Date: Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Title: e-Health gets smarter at Smart Event'09!
Location: Sophia Antipolis, French Riviera


The upcoming Smart Event tech conferences will offer multiple opportunities to learn from and network with high profile professionals in e-Health, e-ID and other trusted technologies.

Don't miss this unique event where e-Health comes within closely related "e"-issues: smart cards technologies, digital security, interoperability and standardisation, privacy issues, coordination of national programs, etc. All in all, over 150 speakers will participate in Smart Event.

- The World e-ID conference (e-ID management technologies and services, www.worlde-ID.eu) will display the most important e-Health programs in Europe and the cutting edge of e-ID management technologies in the e-Health domain.

Discover and learn more on key e-Health programs:
  • the wide-scale electronic European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) program, presented and discussed by Hajo Bickenbach, eEHIC CEN WS Chairman

  • complemented by EHTEL’s view on this shift from from plastic to electronic by Marc Lange, Secretary General – EHTEL

  • exclusive presentation of the very innovative Health insurance card program of Slovenia, which also enables signatures, among specific features

  • the epSOS (Electronic patient record systems) program is also on the agenda

And update your knowledge on the latest technologies:
  • Smart Cards seen as an enabler for e-Health Services by Eurosmart

  • Complemented by a demonstration of Electronic Health Records (EHR) on Java Card 3.0 based devices by Gemalto

  • The usability factor in biometrics solutions will be developed by MorphoTrack

  • Device versus document convergence will be questioned by NXP.

A panel discussion will close the "e-Health" session of World e-ID, fostering interactivity with the audience. Best experts from national working groups, industry associations, consultancy and standardisation bodies will be gathered around the table.

Reputed for its friendly working atmosphere, Smart Event features 3 complementary conference streams (World e-ID, e-Smart and Smart Mobility) where you will get the strategic and/or scientific content of your interest. Take also this opportunity for forward-thinking in trusted mobile applications, smart cards and digital security, biometrics, Java Card, etc.

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