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Date: Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Title: Pan European eProcurement Conference with the Pan European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) Project, October 21 - 23, 2009
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark


The objective of the PEPPOL project is to set up a pan-European pilot solution that, conjointly with existing national solutions, facilitates EU-wide interoperable public eProcurement. It envisages that companies and, in particular, SMEs in the EU will be able to communicate electronically with any European government institution for the entire procurement process.

There are three main objectives of the conference:

Day 1 - PEPPOL executive day: to inform and promote the business opportunities in the PEPPOL Pilot and the PEPPOL Infrastructure to executives and decision makers from:
private service providers (eProcurement, banks, etc.);
public sector organisations worldwide;
suppliers of middleware products who offer products that can help organisations;
connect to the PEPPOL Infrastructure.
Day 2 - PEPPOL architecture day: to engage IT project managers, IT architects and programmers from the above organisations in the technical aspects of the PEPPOL Infrastructure.
Day 3 - PEPPOL middleware demonstrations and programmers "Hands-on": to allow existing suppliers of middleware to demonstrate their PEPPOL compliant products and to educate programmers in the software libraries provided.
The content offered during the conference addresses different audiences; executives and decision makers are recommended to participate only the first day; IT project managers, IT-architects and programmers are recommended to participate on day 2 and 3.

The agenda of the event may be viewed here.

The event is free of charge and registration can be performed online. However, there is a limited number of free places which are reserved for solution and platform providers, public sector entities, PEPPOL consortium members, service providers and related EU initiatives. The organiser has therefore reserved the right to allocate places and to refuse applications once the number of complimentary places has been exceeded.

Event email: [email protected]

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