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Date: Thursday, October 22, 2009
Title: National eID and ePassport Conference - Lisbon, 22nd and 23rd October 2009
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

The World is witnessing the foundation of a global eID infrastructure, based on the digitalization of citizen ID documents.

Over 80% of the European Union Member States have introduced or are in the process of introducing biometric-based ID documents or are at least considering doing so. The trend towards this form of technology is becoming ever more apparent and numerous countries in all the World continents are taking clear steps in this direction.

Such a revolution (based on PKI, digital identity and biometrics) paves the way to a broader (and more secure) usage of these documents far beyond its initial purposes, in the Internet as in the physical world - the trend is a move towards nationally issued ID documents that can be used in an international application context (the use of PKI and biometrics is expected to enhance security by making it easier to link the eDocument with the rightful owner).

With this in mind, MULTICERT, PrimeKey Solutions and INCM joined forces to organize the National eID & ePassport Conference, Lisbon 2009.

The event will also feature a presentation of the STORK project.

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