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Date: Thursday, January 14, 2010
Title: Personal Health Systems - 2010 consultation workshop
Location: Brussels

The "ICT for Health" unit from the European Commission is organising this workshop that aims to define possible research topics in the area of Personal Health Systems (PHS), within the FP7 ICT Work Programmes.
This consultation workshop aims at defining possible research topics for the domain of Personal Health Systems (PHS) in future FP7 ICT Work Programmes.

Meeting: Av.de Beaulieu 25
Agenda to be published on 18/12
Meeting will last for the whole day
The workshop will focus on how PHS can be applied to the:(a) Management of neurodegenerative diseases and
(b) Rehabilitation of cerebro-vascular or neurological conditions

The workshop will consist of two main parts:
1) Short presentations (max. 5 minutes each) on selected topics relevant to (a) and (b) above.
- These presentations will cover issues like the medical/societal problem, user needs, contribution of ICT, main challenges and areas for innovative ICT research, the potential impact etc.
2) Brainstorm discussions and recommendations on what research directions could be considered in the ICT Theme of FP7 for the applications mentioned in (a) and (b) above.
- These recommendations will be considered for the preparation of future Work Programmes in FP7.
A public report will be prepared on the proceedings and outcome of the workshop.
Participation:If you wish to attend and contribute to the exploration of future research directions in this domain, please register by sending an email to [email protected]
Places are limited due to the size of the meeting room, early registration is recommended.
Travel and subsistence costs are to be covered by the participants themselves.

Definitions:Personal Health Systems (PHS) assist in the provision of continuous, quality controlled, and personalised health services to empowered individuals regardless of location. They consist of:
a) Ambient and/or body devices (wearable, portable or implantable), which acquire, monitor and communicate physiological parameters and other health related context of an individual (e.g., vital body signs, biochemical markers, activity, emotional and social state, environment);
b) Intelligent processing of the acquired information and coupling of it with expert biomedical knowledge to derive important new insights about individual’s health status.
c) Active feedback based on such new insights, either from health professionals or directly from the devices to the individuals, assisting in diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation as well as in disease prevention and lifestyle management.

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