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Date: Sunday, August 29, 2010
Title: IFIP e-government conference 2010
August 29 - September 2, 2010, Lausanne, Switzerland
Location: Lausanne, Switzerland

The Europe-based Annual International IFIP e-government conference is one of three core conferences, which present the state of the art in the study domains of eGovernment and eGovernance. Over the years, through the organization of its Europe-based conferences, the EGOV community has provided important guidance for research and development in this fast-moving domain of study. The different conferences thereby play an important role. This time for the first time, the conference will be a full IFIP working conference organised by the IFIP working group 8.5 (pending IFIP approval).

The IFIP e-government conference brings together leading researchers and professionals from across the globe and from a number of disciplines. Over the years, the interest in this domain of study has steadily increased. The 2009 EGOV conference - within the DEXA conference cluster - has attracted more than 130 participants from 32 countries including developing countries, with 35 contributions in completed research, 25 contributions in ongoing research, 7 projects contributions and 3 workshops.
eGovernment research has demonstrated its relevance to practice and consequently has influenced and even shaped government strategies and implementations. Conversely, eGovernment practice has inspired eGovernment research. A wide range of topics has received scholarly attention. In recent years, the assessment and evaluation of eGovernment projects, the foundations of eGovernment as a research discipline, integration and interoperation in government, and the role of information and communication technology for development rank among leading topics on the research agenda.

Topics at the IFIP e-government conference 2010 include but are not limited to:

- Foundations of eGovernment and eGovernance research
- Future directions in research and practice of ICT in the public sector
- Research theories and frameworks for public sector modernization with the support of ICT
- Research methods, method integration and techniques
- Designing and assessing systems for the public sector: innovative cases and systems
- ICT usage, acceptance and performance of technology-supported public sector activities: methods and contemporary case analyses
- Innovation management, change management and complexity management in shaping public sector advancements
- Benefits management in the context of eGovernment
- Mass collaboration of stakeholders in government modernization: participative governance and policy modelling
- Stakeholder-driven public sector reengineering
- Mobile services and methods in government
- Cloud computing and social networks in the public sector
- Information preservation, information management, and information access
- Trust and privacy in eGovernment
- Open source in eGovernment
- Emergency and disaster response management
- Retaining public sector experiences
- Education, training courses, and curricula

For more information go to the event website: http://www.egov-conference.org/egov-2010

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