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Date: Thursday, February 11, 2010
Title: Trans-European Dialogue
Location: University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

TED 3, Third Trans-European Dialogue will be held in February 11-12, 2010 at the University of Ljubljana on the theme "Public Management Reforms now and in the future: does technology matter?"

The main aim of TED 3 is to try to narrow the gap between ‘classical’ administrative science and the newer field of technology-based and driven change/reform in the public sector (which has already generated profound change) and to construct bridges between both shores of the same river, notably via open discussions among leading academics and professionals in both fields. Discussions should be based on questions which are important for furthering development in both fields, such as:

- What is the role of technologies in general (ICT, surveillance technologies, including CCTV, scanners, DNA testing and phone logging etc.) in advancing the development of the public sector?

- What are the organizational frameworks for new technology-related departments, functions and services in the public sector (e.g. IT departments, CIOs, security services etc)?
- What is the role of ICT in the modern PMR?
- What will be the leading organizational paradigms in the future in PM and how will ICT and other technologies influence PM?
- What will be the impact of ICT and technologies in general on the classical principles of PA/PM, including such issues as centralization/decentralization, transparency, openness etc,
- What organizational patterns will become evident: hierarchical/network/virtual?
- Will there be competition: bureaucracy versus infocracy, etc?

For more information follow this link: http://www.iias-iisa.org/egpa/e/joint-ventures/special_partnerships/TED/ted-3/Pages/default.aspx

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