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Date: Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Title: 3rd Industry Group Workshop -
Location: Meeting room 315 - 14:00 - 16:30
SQUARE - BRUSSELS MEETING CENTRE - 2 rue Ravenstein, B-1000, Brussels, Belgium

Workshop’s Overview

STORK implements an EU-wide interoperable system contributing to mutual recognition of eID and eID-based services like authentication that enables citizens and businesses to use their national eIDs in any Member State involved. The six STORK pilots (“Cross-border authentication platform for electronic services”, “Safer Chat”, “Student Mobility”, Electronic Delivery”, “Change of Address” and “ECAS Integration”) are now live and are testing common eID specifications for several applications that have a substantial impact on eGovernment across Europe. In particular, the technologies and services developed and tested within STORK project are key enablers to provide interoperable electronic identification management (eIDM) for access to eGovernment services across Europe. This eID interoperability is an essential key factor for economic growth and employment in the EU.

STORK’s role is to provide workable pilot applications that can be extended to cover additional countries and other fields of application. Thus, STORK infrastructure, pilots and services are considered as an important innovative solution, as well as an attractive, effective and sustainable solution for Member States and also for Industry and SMEs. It is a common understanding amongst STORK partners that an interoperable eID infrastructure can provide the basis for innovative applications in an open and competitive market where various stakeholders are being active. Industry and SMEs can look forward to accessing new markets (new services – new customers), even at a time when many sectors are in recession. This Workshop focuses on the effort to emphasize the benefits of STORK for industry stakeholders, to discuss possible ways to get the results of STORK taken up by Industry, as well as to enhance the Industry stakeholders’ confidence towards the STORK solution.

These issues will be presented by persons of expertise and further discussed with the participants. This Workshop focuses on the exchange of knowledge, viewpoints, ideas, the active participation as well as on the constructive and fruitful discussion with the Industry stakeholders. In addition, the objective of the Industry Group meetings is to offer industry stakeholders the opportunity to learn about progress made and the solutions being offered by the STORK consortium. There will be also given the opportunity for a Q&A session with key representatives.

Agenda of the Workshop:

Arvid Welin (Sweden)
STORK infrastructure, pilots and services: a "live" breakthrough
Antonio Lioy (Italy)
eID Common Specifications: uptake by new national governments
John Heppe (Spain)
STORK achievements: a Challenge for the Industry
Vasilis Koulolias (Greece)
A few words on sustainability of STORK
Roger Dean(UK)
New business opportunities offered by STORK
Coffee break
Engagement with the audience – breakout session
Summary and discussion

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