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Date: Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Title: [email protected] 10th Anniversary Conference
Location: Budapest, Hungary

The [email protected] project is one of the pioneer initiatives launched at EU level aimed at providing impulse to the implementation of a technical infrastructure to facilitate unplanned medical treatment of EU citizens, who provide evidence of entitlement, outside their home country. In the mature stage of the initial deployment phase, the [email protected] project results will be presented for the consideration of the European and national healthcare communities with the aim of contributing to advance in the field of ICT solutions for cross-border healthcare services. Furthermore, the project achievements and knowledge will be proposed in the frame of the possible synergies with other EU large scale initiatives and standardization activities which address electronic data exchange for borderless healthcare. In this light, [email protected] is actually an advanced large scale pilot/demonstrator for services that will be provided by EESSI at a later stage.

The [email protected] Conference will take place on 10 May 2011 in the frame of the eHealth Week 2011 in Budapest.
Venue: Syma Centre (H-1146 Budapest, Dósza György út 1, Hungary)

Registration at the [email protected] Conference can be made through www.worldofhealthit.org
Attendance registering at the eHealth Week 2011 can freely access to the [email protected] Conference.

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