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Date: Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Title: Addressing evolving needs for cross-border eGovernment services
Location: Brussels, Belgium

Cross-border access to public services of other European administrations by citizens and businesses is one important step closer to a truly united Europe with strengthened eGovernment services between public administrations in different Member States.

This workshop that will take place in Brussels, on 11 October is proposed to focus on the evolving needs of the European Union towards a more efficient delivery of ICT-facilitated public services for citizens and businesses across the EU. The target is to widen the scope of use of the electronic means that public administrations have at their disposal outside the local, regional or national level. A further aim is to facilitate mobility of businesses and citizens i.e. for entrepreneurs to set up and run a business anywhere in Europe and allowing individuals to study, work, reside, receive health care and retire anywhere in the European Union.

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