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Date: Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Title: World e-ID Congress
Location: Nice, French Riviera

World e-ID Congress extends the successful 7-year-old World e-ID conference (www.worlde-id.eu) with a new format aimed at Identity Services managers and decision makers from both public and private sectors.

The 2012 conference will strengthen its global approach through a larger panel of most innovative and significant e-ID projects for Government, Healthcare & Enterprise around the globe. It will also highlight best practices, concrete solutions, insights into worldwide policies, technology and market dynamics to help the participants to succeed in their e-ID plans and understand where the market is heading.
In addition, the 2012 program will feature:
• a specific session on emerging countries in partnership with the World Bank
• a focus on Healthcare Identity Services
• interactive panels on harmonization of policies, cross border issues, etc.

Over 60 renowned speakers and panellists will share their expertise with 300 expected delegates: government experts, industry representatives, consultants, etc.

The World e-ID Congress conference Program Committee is looking for proposals from potential speakers able to deliver expert-level knowledge and practical information to our delegates in the following topics:
Main topics include:
• National, transnational e-ID programs around the world
• Transport and Security on the road
• e-Residence Permit
• e-Health
• Other e-Gov/e-Services where e-ID is a key enabler
• Transversal issues:
~ Europe: Standardization status and outlook on European Citizen Card, eDL, Travel 3rd Generation, eEHIC, HPRO, SPOCS, LSP ICT STORK, LSP ICT epSOS, eJustice etc.
~ Outside Europe: application standards in the USA/NIST, in Japan/NICSS, in India/SCOSTA, in the Middle East/GCC, in Africa/SADC etc.
~ Interoperability issues: towards a European e-Identity or larger scale interoperable e-ID services?
~ Security, privacy and content protection
• Private sector latest deployments and plans
• New e-ID solutions challenges
• Outcomes of funding projects
~ LSP, e.g. STORK_1, epSOS, PEPPOL, SPOCS, eJustice
~ FP7, e.g. ABC4Trust, PrimeLife, PICOS, GINI_SA, PREMIUM-Service,
• Outcomes of working groups

A detailed list of topics can be found here

The deadline for the abstract submission is March 23rd, 2012 and details about the submission procedure can be found here

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